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Muslim boy names

Muslim Boy Baby Name with Meanings. Alphabetical list of Boy names for Muslim babies. Choose an Islamic/Muslim baby name from the list of Boy baby names.

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Name Gender Meaning Favorites
AsadelBoyMost prosperous one
AsarBoyFourth Prayer of the day.
AsbaghBoyColoured animal, huge flood, dyer.
AsbatBoyA narrator of hadith.
AseedBoyA narrator of Hadeeth.
AsgharBoyShorter, Smaller, Junior.
Asha'athBoyScattered, Spread about, humble.
AshajBoyOne who has a scar on his head or forehead.
AsharBoyOne who has wisdom.
AshazBoy Name of a sahabi during the time of prophet. There is a hadith praising his virtue of patience and obedience to parents
AshfaqBoyCompassionate friend.
AshmathBoyCorrect path, Straight path.
AshrafBoyMost honorable
Asim, AsimBoyProtector, defender
AtaBoyGift, Present.
Ata al RahmanBoyGift of the Beneficent
Ata AllahBoyGift of God
Ata, AtaaBoyGift
AtaubaqBoyHandsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share.
AteebBoyVery pious.