Muslim Boy Names and their Meaning

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Muslim Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorites
Bahij Boy Cheerful Add
Bahir Boy Dazzling, brilliant Add
Bakr Boy Old Arabic name Add
Bakri Boy One who starts work early Add
Baligh Boy Eloquent Add
Bandar Boy Seaport, district capital Add
Baqir Boy Beloved one, Close to heart. Add
Barakah Boy Blessing Add
Barir Boy Faithful Add
Barkat Boy Growth Add
Barr Boy Just, Pious. Add
Barraq Boy Shining. Add
Basel Boy Brave Add
Basem Boy Smiling. Add
Bashaar Boy Bringer of glad tidings Add
Bashar Boy Bringer of glad tidings. Add
Basharat Boy Good news. Add
Bashir Boy Bringer of glad tidings Add
Bashshar Boy Bringer of many glad tidings Add
Basil Boy Brave Add
Basim Boy Smiling, Happy. Add
Basim, Bassam Boy Smiling Add
Basir Boy Bringer of glad tidings. Add
Bassam Boy Smiling. Add
Batal Boy Champion. Add

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