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Muslim boy names

Muslim Boy Baby Name with Meanings. Alphabetical list of Boy names for Muslim babies. Choose an Islamic/Muslim baby name from the list of Boy baby names.

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Name Gender Meaning Favorites
MuayyadBoySupported (by God)
MuballighBoyPreacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam.
MubarakBoyHappy, blessed
MubashirBoySpreader of good news.
MubinBoyClear, evident
MudabbirBoyOne who plans.
MudarBoyAn Arabian tribe; name of a great grandfather of the Prophet
MuddaththirBoyCovered; a title of the Prophet
MueenBoyOne who helps.
MueezBoyOne who gives protection.
MufaddalBoyOne who is preferred.
MufakkirBoyThinker, one who meditates.
MufallahBoyOne who prospers.
MufeedBoy(from the verb fada to overflow).
Mufid, MufeedBoyUseful, helpful
MughithBoyHelper, succourer.
MuhafizBoyOne who protects.
Muhair, MuhayrBoySkilled