Muslim Boy Names and their Meaning

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Muslim Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorites
Nazeem Boy Arranger, adjuster Add
Nazeer Boy One who warns. Add
Nazih Boy Pure, chaste. Add
Nazih, Nazeeh Boy Pure, chaste Add
Nazim Boy Intelligence , Power. Add
Nazim, Nazeem Boy Arranger, adjuster Add
Nazir Boy Observer, supervisor. Add
Nazmi Boy Arranger, organizer Add
Nibras Boy Lamp, light Add
Nidal Boy Struggle Add
Nijad Boy Tall, dominant Add
Nimr Boy Tiger Add
Nishaaj Boy Explorer. Add
Nithar Boy Sacrifice. Add
Niyaz Boy Dedication, Offering. Add
Nizam Boy Administration. Add
Nizar Boy Old Arabic name Add
Nizzar Boy Keen-eyed. Add
Noman Boy Men with all blessings of Allah. Add
Nooh Boy Name of Prophet. Add
Noor Boy Attribute of Allah. Add
Noorali Boy Light of Ali. Add
Nu'man Boy Blood. Add
Nuaim, Nuaym Boy Name of several of the Prophets companions Add
Nuaym Boy One of narrators of Hadith. Add

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