Muslim Boy Names and their Meaning

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Muslim Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorites
Saif, Sayf, Seif Boy Sword (of religion) Add
Saiful Azman Boy Sword of dream. Add
Saji Boy A scholar had this name. Add
Sajid Boy One who worships God Add
Sajjad Boy One who worships a lot Add
Sakhawat Boy Generosity, liberality, open-handness. Add
Sakhr Boy Rock Add
Sakhrah Boy Rock(s). Add
Salaahddinn Boy The righteousness of the faith. Add
Salaam Boy Peace. Add
Salah Boy Righteousness Add
Salah al Din Boy Righteousness of the Faith; name of the Muslim leader who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders Add
Salam Boy Peace. Add
Salamah Boy Safety Add
Salamat Boy Safety. Add
Salar Boy Leader. Add
Saleem Boy Sound, Unimpaired, Sane, Sincere. Add
Saleh, Salih Boy Good, right; a Prophets name Add
Salif Boy Previous, Former. Add
Salih Boy Safe, whole, flawless. Add
Salik Boy Passable, unobstructed. Add
Salim Boy Secure, free. Add
Salim, Saleem Boy Safe, healthy, whole, flawless Add
Salman Boy Healthy, safe, wholesome; name fo the first Persian to embrace Islam Add
Salsaal Boy Pure Water. Add

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