Muslim Boy Names and their Meaning

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Muslim Boy Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorites
Umar Boy Name of the second Caliph. Add
Umar, Omar Boy Name of the second Caliph Add
Umarah Boy Old Arabic name Add
Umayr Boy Old Arabic name. Add
Umayr, Umair Boy Old Arabic name Add
Umayyah Boy Famous Arabian tribe Add
Umran Boy Prosperity. Add
Unays Boy Smaller form of Anas. Add
Uqbah Boy End of everything. Add
Urfee Boy Name of popular Poet. Add
Urooj Boy Ascension, Mounting Rising. Add
Urwah Boy Support, handle Add
Usaim, Usaym Boy lion cub Add
Usama, Usamah Boy Description of a lion Add
Usamah Boy Description of a lion. Add
Usayd Boy Little lion. Add
Usman Boy

Name of the third Caliph.

Utbah Boy Old Arabic name Add
Uthal Boy Name of a mountain Add
Uthman Boy

Name of tht third Caliph

Uwayam Boy A float, buoyant. Add
Uzair Boy Name of a Prophet. Add
Uzayr Boy Precious. Add
Waa'il Boy One Who Returns For Shelter. Add
Waddah Boy Bright, brilliant Add

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