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Muslim boy names

Muslim Boy Baby Name with Meanings. Alphabetical list of Boy names for Muslim babies. Choose an Islamic/Muslim baby name from the list of Boy baby names.

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Name Gender Meaning Favorites
AbdullahBoyServant of God
Abdur RashidBoySlave of the Guide.
Abdur RazzaqBoySlave of the provider; Ibn Hammam was one of those prominent people with this name.
Abdur-RaheemBoyServant of the Most Merciful.
Abdur-RahmanBoyServant of the Most Gracious.
Abdur-RaqeebBoyServant of the Watchful.
Abdur-RasheedBoyServant of the Guide to Right Path.
Abdur-RaufBoyServant of the Compassionate.
Abdur-RazzaqBoyServant of the Provider.
AbdusBoyName of the narrator of one of the hadith.
Abdus SaburBoySlave of the Forbearing.
Abdus SalaamBoySlave of the Giver of Peace.
Abdus SamadBoySlave of the Eternal, The Independent.
Abdus SamiBoySlave of the All Hearing.
Abdus SattarBoySlave of the one who conceals faults.
Abdus ShafiBoySlave of the Healer.
Abdus SubboohBoySlave of the Extremely pure.
Abdus-SabourBoyServant of the Patient.
Abdus-SalaamBoyServant of the Source of Peace.
Abdus-SamadBoyServant of the Eternal.
Abdus-SameeiBoyServant of the All-Hearing.
Abdus-ShaheedBoyServant of the Witness.
Abdus-ShakurBoyServant of the Appreciative.
Abdush ShahidBoySlave of the Witness.
AbidBoyWorshipper, adorer