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Muslim girl names

Muslim Girl Names with their meanings. Find Beautiful Girl names for Muslim babies list. Choose an unique Muslim names for you baby from the list of Girl Baby Names.

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Name Gender Meaning Favorites
AyahGirlA verse from Quran or a sign from God.
Ayah, AyehGirlQuranic verse, clear evidence, sign of God
AyanGirl Time, era,God gift and Persian meaning is inspiration, long night, in arabic word '?????'(Ayyaan) means: visible also refers to someone who has wide eyes
AyanaGirlLucky, good day, day of judgement.
AyatGirlQuranic verses, clear evidences, signs of God
AydanGirl From the moon
AyeshaGirlWell of.
AyishahGirl Living, prosperous; youngest wife of the Prophet
AymenGirlSacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia.
AyshahGirlWife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).
Az-zahraGirlExcellent and smart.
AzeezaGirlEsteemed, precious, cherished.
Azhar, AzhaarGirlFlowers, blossoms
AzimanGirlSky, heaven.
AzizahGirlEsteemed, precious, cherished.
Azizah, Aziza, AzeezaGirlPrecious, cherished, beloved, dear
AzraGirlMaiden, Pious, Woman.
AzraaGirlUnpierced pearl.
AzzahGirlYoung, female gazelle.
Azzah, AzzaGirlYoung, female gazelle