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Muslim girl names

Muslim Girl Names with their meanings. Find Beautiful Girl names for Muslim babies list. Choose an unique Muslim names for you baby from the list of Girl Baby Names.

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Name Gender Meaning Favorites
BusrahGirlShe was a companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah.
ButhaynahGirlOf beautiful and tender body.
Buthaynah, Buthainah, ButhaynaGirlOf beautiful and tender body
CantaraGirlSmall bridge
ChamanGirlGarden, from Urdu Language.
ChandaGirlMoon light
ChandniGirlThe moon's light
DadGirlOld Arabic name
DafiyahGirlNarrator of Hadith.
DahmaGirlShe was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi; she excelled in grammer and literature and possessed knowledge of other sciences and arts. (A.N.).
DalalGirlTreated or touched in a kind and loving way
DaleelaGirlGuide, Proof.
DaliyahGirlGrape vine
DanahGirlThe most perfectly sized, valuable and beautiful pearl
DaniyahGirlCloser, nearer
DariaGirlLearned, knowing.
Dawlat KhatoonGirlShe was from a ruling family.
DeebaGirl Obedience.
DeemaGirlRainy Cloud.