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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Faiza Girl Gain. Add
Faizah Girl

Successful, winner

Faizah, Faiza Girl Victorious, winner Add
Fajr Girl Dawn, morning prayer Add
Fakeehah Girl Cheerful. Add
Fakhirah Girl Splendid, Elegant. Add
Fakhra Girl Good, new. Add
Fakhriyah Girl Honorary Add
Fakhtah Girl A dove. Add
Fakihah Girl Fruit. Add
Falak Girl Star Add
Falaknaz Girl Sky. Add
Falaq Girl Break of dawn. Add
Falisha Girl Happiness. Add
Fanan Girl Tree branch or twig Add
Faqirah Girl Name of a beautiful woman (wife of Murrah al-Asadi). Add
Fara Girl Sunset. Add
Farah Girl Joy, cheerfulness Add
Faraza Girl Success, height. Add
Fareedah Girl Unique precious gem. Add
Fareeha Girl Joyful, Happy. Add
Fareess Girl Life. Add
Farha Girl Happiness. Add
Farhah Girl Lively Add
Farhana Girl Happiness. Add
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