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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Lamis, Lamees Girl Soft to the touch Add
Lamisah Girl Soft to the touch. Add
Lamya Girl Of dark lips. Add
Lamya, Lamya Girl Of dark lips Add
Lana Girl to be gentle, soft, tender Add
Lanika Girl The Best. Add
Laraib Girl Without a doubt. Add
Lashirah Girl Very intelligent. Add
Latifa Girl Gentle. Kind. Pleasant, Friendly. Add
Latifah Girl Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly. Add
Latifah, Lateefa Girl Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly Add
Layali Girl Nights Add
Layan Girl Gentle and soft Add
Layla Girl Born at night, dark beauty. Add
Layla, Leila Girl (Born at) night; rapture, elation Add
Layyah Girl Twist, Flexure. Add
Lazim Girl Essential, imperative Add
Leena Girl Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency. Add
Leila Girl Night. Add
Leilah Girl Night Add
Liba Girl Most Beautiful (Hoor in jannah). Add
Lina Girl Palm tree. Add
Linah, Lina, Leena Girl Tender Add
Liyana Girl Softness, tenderness. Add
Lu Luah Girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Add
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