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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Madeeha Girl Praiseworty. Add
Madhat Girl Praise. Add
Madiha Girl Praiseworthy. Add
Madihah Girl Praiseworthy. Add
Madihah, Madeeha Girl Praiseworthy, commendable Add
Maha Girl Wild cow; has beautiful eyes Add
Mahabbah Girl Love, affection Add
Mahasin Girl Beauties Add
Mahbasah Girl A narrator of Hadith. Add
Mahbubah Girl Beloved Add
Mahdiya Girl Rightly Guided By Allah Add
Mahdiyah Girl Rightly guided Add
Mahek Girl Fragrance. Add
Mahfuzah Girl The protected one. Add
Mahibah Girl Noble, respected Add
Mahirah Girl Adept, Expert. Add
Mahjabeen Girl Powerful. Add
Mahneerah Girl First born of a pair. Add
Mahnoor Girl Light of the moon. Add
Mahreen Girl Bright and Beautiful as the sun. Add
Mahrosh Girl Piece of moon, pleasant. Add
Mahum Girl Moon's Light. Add
Mahveen Girl Light of the Sun. Add
Mahvish Girl Moon-face. Add
Mahwish Girl Beautiful like the moon. Add
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