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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Mayyadah Girl To walk with a swinging gait. Add
Mayyadah, Mayyada Girl To walk with a swinging gait Add
Mayyasah Girl To walk with a proud gait Add
Medina Girl Holy city of Saudi Arabia Add
Mehek Girl Smell, fragrance. Add
Meher Girl Benevolence. Add
Mehjabeen Girl Beautiful as the moon, beloved person. Add
Mehnaz Girl Prouded like a moon. Add
Mehndi Girl Beautiful colour. Add
Mehr Girl Full Moon. Add
Mehreen Girl Loving nature. Add
Mehriban Girl Kind, Gentle. Add
Mehrish Girl Wonderfull smell(mehak). Add
Mehrnaz Girl Kindness and sweetness. Add
Mehrunisa Girl Pretty woman. Add
Mehvesh Girl Light of the moon. Add
Mehvish Girl Bright Star. Add
Mehwish Girl Moon, beautiful. Add
Mersiha Girl The most beautiful. Add
Meymona Girl Good Fortune. Add
Mid'haa Girl Appreciate. Add
Midhaa Girl Appreciate. Add
Midhah Girl Praise. Add
Mina Girl a place near Makkah Add
Minaal Girl To reach your destination. Add
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