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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Qirat Girl Beautiful Recitation Add
Qisaf Girl Brittle. Add
Qismah Girl Destiny, fate, ordained by God Add
Qiyyama Girl Stand for Allah. Add
Quadriyyah Girl Strong. Add
Qubilah Girl Concord Add
Quddusiyyah Girl Sacred, Pious. Add
Qudsiyah Girl Glorious, sacred Add
Quraybah Girl Utricle. Add
Qurratul Ayn Girl Delights of the eye, darling. Add
Qutaylah Girl She was a companion. Add
Qutayyah Girl She was a student of Hadith. Add
Raameen Girl Obedient. Add
Rabab Girl White cloud Add
Rabeea Girl Springtime, garden. Add
Rabia Girl Spring, Springtime. Add
Rabiah, Rabeea Girl Garden, springtime Add
Rabitah Girl Bond, tie. Add
Rabiya Girl Princess, Queen Add
Rabiyah Girl Hill Add
Radeyah Girl Content, satisfied. Add
Radiyah, Radhiya Girl Content, satisfied Add
Radwa, Radhwaa Girl a mountain in Medina Add
Raeesah Girl Princess; Noble lady. Add
Rafa, Rafa Girl Happiness, prosperity Add
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