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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Rafah Girl Pleasant, luxurious life Add
Rafah, Rafat Girl Mercy Add
Rafal Girl to trail a garment Add
Rafeeqah Girl Friend; Soft-hearted. Add
Rafia Girl High, Sublime. Add
Rafiah Girl Sublime, exquisite Add
Rafidah Girl Support Add
Rafif Girl to gleam, shimmer Add
Rafiqah Girl Friend, companion. Add
Raghad Girl Pleasant. Add
Raghad or Raghda Girl Pleasant Add
Raghibah Girl Desiring, desirous. Add
Raghidah Girl Pleasant Add
Raha Girl Peaceful Add
Rahaf Girl Delicate, fine Add
Raheemah Girl Merciful. Add
Rahila Girl One who travels. Add
Rahilah Girl One who travels. Add
Rahimah Girl Merciful, compassionate Add
Rahiq Girl Nectar Add
Rahma Girl Mercy. Add
Rahmaa Girl To have mercy upon. Add
Rahmah Girl Mercy Add
Raidah Girl Leader, pioneer. Add
Raidah, Raaida Girl Leader Add
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