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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Raifah Girl Merciful Add
Raihana Girl The fragrance of a rose. Add
Raima Girl Happiness. Add
Raiqah Girl Clear, Pure, Undisturbed. Add
Raitah Girl A narrator of Hadith. Add
Raja, Raja Girl Hope Add
Rajiyah Girl Hoping, full of hope. Add
Rameesha Girl A bunch of roses. Add
Ramia Girl Sender. Add
Ramlah Girl Old Arabic name Add
Ramsha Girl Face like moon. Add
Ramzia Girl Gift. Add
Ramziyah Girl Symbolic Add
Rana Girl To gaze, look Add
Rand Girl Bay laurel Add
Randa Girl Tree of good scent Add
Rania Girl Queen. Add
Ranim, Raneem Girl To recite in a sing song voice Add
Raniyah, Raniya Girl Gazing Add
Ranya Girl Conquerer. Add
Rasha Girl Young gazelle Add
Rashad Girl Straight Add
Rasheedah Girl Intelligent one, Sober. Add
Rashida Girl Intelligent, Sober. Add
Rashidah, Rasheeda Girl Wise, mature Add
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