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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Rida Girl Favored by God Add
Rifaat Girl Altitude, Height, High. Add
Riffat Girl High. Add
Rihab Girl Vastness, expanse Add
Riham Girl Lasting, fine rain Add
Rihana Girl Sweet basil Add
Rija Girl Desire, Hope. Add
Rijja Girl Heavens beauty. Add
Rim, Reem Girl Gazelle Add
Rima, Reema Girl White antelope Add
Rimsha Girl Bunch of flowers. Add
Rizqin Girl Good fortune. Add
Rizwana Girl Beautiful, Guardian of heaven. Add
Rohaan Girl A river in paradise. Add
Romana Girl Pomegranate; The fruit of Paradise. Add
Romeesa Girl Heavens beauty. Add
Rona Girl Shining light. Add
Roshini Girl Light, noor. Add
Rua Girl Dreams, visions Add
Ruaa Girl Invisable. Add
Rubaa Girl Hills, height Add
Rubaba Girl Rose. Add
Rubadah Girl Ash colored Add
Rubi Girl Red gem Add
Rubina Girl Blessed with love, waterfall. Add
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