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Muslim girl names

Muslim Girl Names with their meanings. Find Beautiful Girl names for Muslim babies list. Choose an unique Muslim names for you baby from the list of Girl Baby Names.

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Name Gender Meaning Favorites
SamrahGirlName of a fruit, written in the Quran 24 times.
SanaGirlResplendence, brilliance; to gaze, look.
Sana, SanaaGirlEminence, sublimity, Brilliance, splendor
SanariGirlSweet and Beautiful.
SanaubarGirlCone bearing tree.
SanikaGirlStrong minded, warm hearted.
SaniyahGirlResplendence, brilliance
SarahGirlName of the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim
SarraGirlShe was a female companion.
SarrinahGirlBeautiful, companion of prophet (S.A.W).
SarwatGirlWealth, Power, Influence.
SarwathGirlWealth, riches.
Sauda, SawdahGirlWife of the Prophet
SawdahGirlA wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
SawsanGirlLily of the valley
SayyidahGirlLady, woman
SeemeenGirlName of some women.
SeeratGirlInner beauty, fame.