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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Shama Girl Lamp. Add
Shamailah Girl Good traits excellent disposition. Add
Shamamah Girl Fragrance. Add
Shameela Girl Merit, trait, nature Add
Shameemah Girl A fragrant breeze. Add
Shamila Girl One of friendly and likable nature. Add
Shamilah Girl Complete, comprehensive Add
Shamima Girl Fragrant breeze. Add
Shamis Girl The sun. Add
Shamoodah Girl Diamond. Add
Shams Girl Sun Add
Shamsa Girl Sunshine. Add
Shamsia Girl Beautiful, Shining Star, One and only Add
Shanaz Girl Pride of King Add
Shanika Girl Good. Add
Shanum Girl Allahs blessing, dignity. Add
Shaqeeqah Girl Real sister. Add
Shareekah Girl Partner. Add
Shareen Girl Sweet. Add
Sharifah Girl Noble, honoured, distinguished. Add
Sharifah, Shareefa, Sherrifah Girl Noble, honored Add
Shariqah Girl Shining. Add
Sharmeela Girl Shy Add
Sharmeen Girl Shy. Add
Sharmin Girl Modesty. Add
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