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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Aminah Girl Trustworthy, faithful. Add
Aminah, Amineh, Ameena Girl Trustworthy, faithful, secure; name of the mother of the Prophet Add
Amira Girl Princess. Add
Amirah Girl Royal lady, Princess. Add
Amirah, Ameera Girl Princess, leader Add
Amjad Girl Magnificence, splendor Add
Ammarah Girl An inhabitant. Add
Amna Girl Peace. Add
Amra Girl Princess. Add
Amrah Girl Headgear. Add
Amreen Girl Sky. Add
Amsah Girl Friendly; of good company Add
Amtullah Girl Female servant of Allah Add
Ana Girl Prestige, self respect. Add
Anah Girl Patience, perseverence. Add
Anam Girl Present. Add
Anan Girl Clouds. Add
Anan, Anaan Girl Clouds Add
Anaum Girl The blessing of Allah. Add
Anbar Girl Perfume, ambergris Add
Anbarin Girl of ambergris Add
Andalib Girl Nightingale. Add
Aneeqa Girl Beautiful. Add
Aneesa Girl Close, intimate, friendly. Add
Aneezah Girl She-Goat. Add
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