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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Tuqa, Tuqaa Girl Heedfulness of God Add
Ubab, Ubaab Girl Waves, heavy rain Add
Ubah Girl Flower. Add
Udaysah Girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Add
Uhud Girl Commitment, pledge, delegation Add
Ujala Girl Light of the universe. Add
Ula Girl Uppermost, highest Add
Ulfah Girl Harmony, intimacy Add
Umaiza Girl Bright, beautiful and soft hearted. Add
Umamah Girl Young mother; name of the Prophets granddaughter Add
Umaymah Girl Young mother Add
Umaynah Girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Add
Umayrah Girl She was the daughter of Alqamah. Add
Umm Kalthum Girl Name of the Prophets daughter Add
Umm Kulthum Girl One with round face. Add
Umm-e-kulsum Girl The mother of kulsum. Add
Ummayyah Girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Add
Umnia Girl Gift. Add
Umniyah Girl a wish, an aspiration Add
Unaysah Girl Friendly; Affable. Add
Urshia Girl One who belongs in the skies. Add
Usaimah, Usaymah Girl Old Arabic name Add
Utaybah Girl A narrator of Hadith. Add
Uwaisah, Uwaysah Girl Bilberry, whortleberry Add
Uzma Girl Greatest Add
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