Muslim Names and Meaning

Islamic Baby Names

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Boy Names Starting with Letter W

Name Gender Meaning Favorites
Waa'ilBoyOne Who Returns For Shelter.
WaddahBoyBright, brilliant
WadiBoyCalm, peaceful
WadidBoyFavorable, devoted, fond
WafaBoyFaithfulness, fidelity.
WafiBoyFaithful, loyal.
Wafiq, WafeeqBoySuccessful
WahbanBoy(related to Wahb).
WaheedBoyUnique, One of its kind.
WahhabBoyTo give, to donate
WahhajBoyGlowing, incandescent.
WahibBoyLiberal donor.
WahidBoySingular, exclusive, unequalled
WailBoyComing back (for Shelter); one of the companions of the Prophet
WaizBoyPreacher, Sermoniser.
WajahatBoyCommanding, Personality, Dignity.
WajdiBoyOf strong emotion, passion and love
WajeehBoyCommanding Personality.
WajidBoySmooth land
WajihBoyNoble, notable, distinguished
WakalatBoyAdvocacy, Agency.
WakeelBoyAgent, Representative.