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Muslim Baby names starting with F

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Faakhir Boy Proud, Excellent Add
Faaz Boy Victorius, successful. Add
Fadeelah Girl Superiority. Add
Fadi Boy Redeemer Add
Fadil Boy Generous, honorable, superior Add
Fadila Girl Good looking, attractive. Add
Fadilah Girl Distinguished, learned. Add
Fadilah, Fadheela Girl Virtuous, outstanding, superior, cultured and refined Add
Fadiyah Girl Redeemer, self sacrificing Add
Fadl Boy

Favor, surplus

Fadl Allah Boy Favor of Allah Add
Fadwa Girl Name derived from self sacrifice Add
Fadwah Girl Name derived from self-sacrifice. Add
Faeezah Girl Leader Add
Faeq Boy Surpassing, excellent. Add
Fahad Boy Lynx, wild cat. Add
Fahd Boy Lynx. Add
Fahd, Fahad Boy Leopard, lynx Add
Fahdah, Fahada Girl Leopardess Add
Faheem Boy Intelligent. Add
Faheemah Girl Intelligent. Add
Fahima Girl Intelligent Add
Fahimah Girl Intelligent Add
Fahmi Boy Understanding Add
Fahmida Girl Intelligent and Wise. Add
Fahyim Boy Very Clever. Add
Faiq Boy Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding. Add
Faiqa Girl Superior, Outstanding Add
Faiqah Girl Surpassing, excellent Add
Fairuzah Girl A precious gem Add
Faisal Boy Strong, handsome. Add
Faisal, Faysal Boy Decisive Add
Faiz Boy Winner Add
Faiza Girl Gain. Add
Faizaan Boy Grace, Favour. Add
Faizah Girl

Successful, winner

Faizah, Faiza Girl Victorious, winner Add
Faizan Boy Ruler. Add
Fajaruddin Boy The First. Add
Fajr Girl Dawn, morning prayer Add
Fakeeh Boy Cheerful. Add
Fakeehah Girl Cheerful. Add
Fakhir Boy Proud, excellent Add
Fakhirah Girl Splendid, Elegant. Add
Fakhr Boy Pride, Something to feel proud about. Add
Fakhr al Din Boy Pride of the faith Add
Fakhra Girl Good, new. Add
Fakhri Boy Honorary, glorious, proud. Add
Fakhri, Fakhry Boy Honorary Add
Fakhriyah Girl Honorary Add