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Muslim Baby names starting with H

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Haajar Girl Hard as a rock. Add
Haaziq Boy Intelligent, Skillfull. Add
Hababah Girl A daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith. Add
Habbab Boy Affable, lovable Add
Habib Boy Beloved Add
Habiba Girl Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling Add
Habibah Girl Beloved, sweetheart, darling. Add
Habibah, Habeeba Girl Beloved, sweetheart, darling; a wife of the Prophet Add
Habis Boy A narrator of Hadith. Add
Haboos Girl Name of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived in Lebanon. Add
Haddad Boy Smith Add
Hadee Boy Director, guide. Add
Hadeel Girl to coo (like a dove) Add
Hadeeqa Girl Gorgeus. Add
Hadeeqah Girl Garden. Add
Hadi Boy Guiding to the right (truth) Add
Hadil Girl Is the voice of a dove. Add
Hadiyah Girl Guide to righteousness. Add
Hadiyah, Haadiya Girl Guide to righteousness, calm Add
Hadiyyah Girl Gift Add
Hafa Girl Gentle rain Add
Hafid Boy The wise one. Add
Hafiz Boy Protector, one who has memorized the Quran Add
Hafizah Girl Heedful, mindful Add
Hafs Boy Lion, Young of Lion. Add
Hafsah Girl A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W). Add
Hafsah, Hafsa Girl Wife of the Prophet Add
Hafthah Girl Preserved, protected Add
Haider Boy Lion. Add
Haifa Girl Slender, Of beautiful body Add
Haifa, Hayfa Girl Slender, of beautiful body Add
Haikal Boy Tale. Add
Hajar Girl Name of the wife of the prophet Ibrahim Add
Haji Boy Pilgrim. Add
Hajib Boy Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering. Add
Hajjah Girl She was a narrator of Hadith. Add
Hajjaj Boy Orbit, eye socket, Orgument, debate. Add
Hajna Girl Daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess. Add
Hajrah Girl The wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S). Add
Hakem Boy Ruler, governor Add
Hakim Boy Brother. Add
Hakim, Hakeem Boy Wise, one of Gods ninety nine qualities Add
Hakimah Girl Wise, judicious. Add
Hala Girl Sweetness Add
Halah Girl Aureole. Add
Halah, Haala Girl Aureole Add
Haleef Boy Ally, confederate. Add
Haleem Boy Patient. Add
Halim Boy Mild, gentle, patient Add
Halima Girl Foster mother of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Add