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Muslim Baby names starting with N

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Na'eemah Girl Joyful. Add
Na'il Boy Acquirer, earner. Add
Na'ilah Girl Acquirer, obtainer, winner. Add
Na'imah Girl Comfort, tranquillity. Add
Naa'irah Girl Bright, Shining. Add
Naadir Boy Dear, Rare, Precious. Add
Naaz Girl Pride, elegance Add
Naazneen Girl Beautiful. Add
Naba Girl Great News. Add
Nabeeha Girl Intelligent. Add
Nabeel Boy Noble Man. Add
Nabeelah Girl Noble. Add
Nabhan Boy Alert. Add
Nabhan, Nabih Boy Noble, outstanding Add
Nabigh Boy Genius. Add
Nabighah Boy Intelligent Add
Nabih Boy Smart Add
Nabiha Girl Eminent, noble, alert, intelligent Add
Nabihah Girl Intelligent, noble, eminent. Add
Nabihah, Nabeeha Girl Intelligent Add
Nabijah Girl Ambitious, Leader and Brave. Add
Nabil Boy Noble, generous. Add
Nabil, Nabeel Boy Noble Add
Nabila Girl Happiness, generosity. Add
Nabilah Girl Noble, magnanimous. Add
Nabilah, Nabeela Girl Noble Add
Nada Girl Generousity, dew Add
Nadeem Boy Companion, Friend. Add
Nadhir Boy Warner Add
Nadia Girl dewy Add
Nadidah, Nadeeda Girl Equal, rival Add
Nadim Boy Friend, companion. Add
Nadim, Nadeem Boy Friendly, entertaining Add
Nadimah Girl Friend. Add
Nadir Boy Dear, rare, precious Add
Nadirah Girl Rare, precious. Add
Nadirah, Nadira Girl Rare, precious Add
Nadiyah Girl Announcement Add
Nadr Boy Flourishing. Add
Nadra Girl Rare, unique. Add
Nadwah, Nadwa Girl Council, generosity Add
Nadyne Girl Flower Add
Naeem Boy Blessing, Ease. Add
Naeema Girl Ease, blessing. Add
Nafasat Boy Refinement. Add
Nafeesa Girl Precious. Add
Nafi Boy Useful Add
Nafiah Girl Profitable. Add
Nafis Boy Precious. Add
Nafisah Girl Precious gem. Add