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Baby names starting with R

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Ra'id Boy Leader, pioneer. Add
Raahil Boy Path guider. Add
Raameen Girl Obedient. Add
Raashid Boy Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent. Add
Rabab Girl White cloud Add
Rabah Boy Gainer, winner Add
Rabar Boy A loving and caring person to all. Add
Rabbani Boy Divine. Add
Rabee Boy Spring. Add
Rabeea Girl Springtime, garden. Add
Rabi Boy Spring, breeze Add
Rabi' Boy Spring, breeze. Add
Rabia Girl Spring, Springtime. Add
Rabiah Boy Greenery. Add
Rabiah, Rabeea Girl Garden, springtime Add
Rabit Boy Binding, Fastening. Add
Rabitah Girl Bond, tie. Add
Rabiya Girl Princess, Queen Add
Rabiyah Girl Hill Add
Radeyah Girl Content, satisfied. Add
Radi Boy Satisfied, content Add
Radiyah, Radhiya Girl Content, satisfied Add
Radwa, Radhwaa Girl a mountain in Medina Add
Raees Boy Rich, Wealthy, Chief. Add
Raeesah Girl Princess; Noble lady. Add