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Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Sa'd Boy Felicity. Add
Sa'dan Boy Happy, fortunate. Add
Sa'id Boy Happy, fortunate. Add
Sa'im Boy Fasting. Add
Sa'ir Boy Walking, going on foot. Add
Sa'irah Boy Walking. Add
Sa'ood Boy Fortunate, Happy. Add
Saad Boy Good luck Add
Saadah Boy Happiness Add
Saadat Boy Blessing, Honour. Add
Saadia Girl Lucky. Add
Saadiya Girl Flower. Add
Saafir Boy Ambassador, handsome. Add
Saaleha Girl Flower. Add
Saaliha Girl Pure pios and devoted. Add
Saaqib Boy Star. Add
Sab Boy Lion Add
Saba Girl Sheba, a town in Yemen Add
Sabaa Girl a nice wind Add
Sabah Girl Morning Add
Sabahat Boy Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness. Add
Sabburah Girl Very patient, enduring. Add
Sabeeh Boy A narrator of Hadith. Add
Sabeen Girl Cool breeze of the morning. Add
Sabeeyah Girl Baby girl. Add