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Muslim Baby names starting with S

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Senait Girl Good Luck. Add
Sfiyah Girl Righteous Add
Shaaf Boy One who gives health. Add
Shabaan Boy Islamic Month. Add
Shabab Boy Youth Add
Shabah Boy Resembling. Add
Shaban Boy Eighth month of the Muslim lunar calendar Add
Shabana Girl Famous. Add
Shabb Boy Young. Add
Shabbeer Boy Appellation of Imam Husayn (R.A). Add
Shabeeh Boy Resembling. Add
Shabeehah Girl Picture, Image, Like. Add
Shabib. Boy A scholar who wrote about Quran. Add
Shabina Girl The eye of the storm. Add
Shabnam Girl Dew. Add
Shad Boy Happy. Add
Shadab Boy Fresh, evergreen. Add
Shadan Girl Young gazelle Add
Shadeed Boy Lover. Add
Shadha Girl Aromatic. Add
Shadha, Shadhaa Girl Aroma Add
Shadhiyah Girl Aromatic Add
Shadi Boy Singer, enchanter Add
Shadin Boy Fawn, young deer Add
Shadiyah Girl Singer Add
Shadmani Girl Joy, happiness. Add
Shafaat Boy Recommendation. Add
Shafana Girl Integrity and Virtuous. Add
Shafaq Girl Dawn. Redness in the sky at sunset Add
Shafath Girl Curing or healing people. Add
Shafee Boy Intercessor. Add
Shafeeqah Girl A compassionate kind hearted friend. Add
Shafi Boy Mediator Add
Shafia Girl Mercy. Add
Shafiah Girl Intercessor. Add
Shafin Boy He who cures Add
Shafiq Boy Compassionate, tender. Add
Shafiq, Shafeeq Boy Kind, compassionate, tender Add
Shafiqah Girl Compassionate, sympathetic Add
Shafiulla Boy Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah. Add
Shafqat Boy Affection. Add
Shagufta Boy Blooming, Happy. Add
Shah Boy King. Add
Shahada Girl Bearing witness. Add
Shahadat Boy Witness, Evidence. Add
Shahana Girl Queen. Add
Shaharyar Boy King Add
Shahbaz Boy Falcon. Add
Shahd Girl Honey, honeycomb Add
Shahed Girl Honey. Add