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Baby names starting with W

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Waa'il Boy One Who Returns For Shelter. Add
Waajidah Girl One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved. Add
Wabisa Girl Something Bright. Add
Wad Girl Promise Add
Waddah Boy Bright, brilliant Add
Wadha, Wadhaa Girl Bright Add
Wadi Boy Calm, peaceful Add
Wadiah Girl Calm, peaceable Add
Wadid Boy Favorable, devoted, fond Add
Wafa Boy Faithfulness, fidelity. Add
Wafa, Wafaa Girl Faithfulness Add
Wafeeqah Girl Successful. Add
Wafi Boy Faithful, loyal. Add
Wafiq Boy Successful. Add
Wafiq, Wafeeq Boy Successful Add
Wafiqah Girl Successful. Add
Wafiqah, Wafeeqa Girl Successful Add
Wafiyah Girl Loyal, faithful Add
Wafiza Girl Fresh air. Add
Wagma Girl Morning breeze, dew. Add
Wahab Boy Giving Add
Wahabah Girl This was the name of a poetess. Add
Wahb Boy Giving. Add
Wahban Boy (related to Wahb). Add
Wahbiyah Girl Giving Add