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Your favorite list are the names you like most to choose. We intend your "My favorites names" list to be an easy access to your desired names which can print, email or save. Favorite names list will be automatically removed from your list after the current session closed, so be sure to save your list before you leave. If you saved your list then it can be access any time from any where.

The ability to add Favorites is a free benefit for all users.

The ability to save Favorites is a free benefit for registered members.

Favorites - Adding/Removing a Favorite

To add a favorite to your list, simply visit the names page and click on the "Add to Favorite" link on the right side of the each name listing. In your search results, you can also add names to your Favorites by clicking the add button that appears next to a name meaning.

If you'd like to remove a favorite from your list, visit your Favorites page, select the name you'd like to delete, and click on the Remove button. Favorites will be automatically removed from your list when you close your browser.

How to save Favorite names on

You must create a Names4muslims account in order to save a Favorites list. Only registered users can see the "save" button on favorite page. If a user is logged in, simply click the save button to save favorites names list into database. This way you can easily save them for future reference.

To access your list of favorites, click "My saved names" link.

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If you found a suitable muslim baby names from our website, then you can add the names to your favorite list, from my favorite names page you may print it or send the names to your email, but this feature is only availbale for current session.

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As a registered user, you can save your favorite names list and access your favorited names from any browser from any where in the World.