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Five letter Muslim boy names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Aadil Boy Just, Upright. Add
Aahil Boy


Aalam Boy World. Add
Aalee Boy Sublime, high. Add
Aalim Boy Religious Scholar. Add
Aamil Boy Doer, Work man. Add
Aamir Boy Civilised. Add
Aaqib Boy Follower. Add
Aaqil Boy Intelligent. Add
Aarif Boy Knowing, aware. Add
Aariz Boy Respectable man. Add
Aaron Boy Raised or elevated, as in rank or character Add
Aasif Boy An able minister. Add
Aasim Boy Person who keeps away from sins. Add
Aatif Boy Kind Affectionate. Add
Aazim Boy


Abaan Boy

Clear, Eloquent, Lucid and Distinct. (Alternate spelling of name Aban)

Abbas Boy Description of a lion Add
Abbud Boy Worshipper Add
Abdul Boy

Servant (of Allah)

Abdus Boy Name of the narrator of one of the hadith. Add
Abrad Boy Hail, Mail. Add
Abyad Boy A narrator of hadith was so named. Add
Abyan Boy Clear, Eloquent Add
Adawi Boy Grandson of Sayyindina Umer. Add
Adeeb Boy A literary Person. Add
Adeel Boy Just. Add
Adeem Boy Rare. Add
Adham Boy Black or dark Add
Adnan Boy

A tribal ancestor of the Quraysh, the Prophet (S.A.W) was from this tribe; there were other noted men too later in history who had this name; for instance, word bin Hakim, a scholar of Basrah.