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Five letter Muslim boy names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Latif Boy Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly Add
Layth Boy Lion Add
Liban Boy Succesfull, charmed. Add
Lu'ay Boy Shield. Add
Lutfi Boy Kind, gentle Add
Mabad Boy A place of worship. Add
Mahad Boy Great, nice. Add
Mahaz Boy The place of war. Add
Mahdi Boy Guided to the right path Add
Maher Boy Skilled. Add
Mahir Boy Skilled Add
Mahja Boy Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings. Add
Majdi Boy Glorious, praiseworthy. Add
Majdy Boy Glorious Add
Majid Boy Glorious Add
Makin Boy Strong, firm, well founded Add
Makki Boy Pertaining to Makkah. Add
Malih Boy A reciter of Quran was so called. Add
Malik Boy Master, king Add
Mamun Boy Trustworthy, trusted Add
Maqil Boy Intelligent. Add
Marid Boy Rebellious Add
Maruf Boy Well known, good Add
Masud Boy Fortunate, happy, lucky Add
Masum Boy Innocent, infallible. Add
Masun Boy Well protected, sheltered Add
Mazin Boy Old Arabic name Add
Mekka Boy Name of Holy city. Add
Mimar Boy Mason, architect. Add
Miraj Boy Ascension (to heaven). Add