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Five letter Muslim boy names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Miyaz Boy Distinguished, preferred Add
Mohid Boy The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty. Add
Motaz Boy Proud Add
Muadh Boy Protected; name of a companion Add
Mubid Boy Intellectual. Add
Mubin Boy Clear, evident Add
Mudar Boy An Arabian tribe; name of a great grandfather of the Prophet Add
Mueen Boy One who helps. Add
Mueez Boy One who gives protection. Add
Mufid Boy Useful. Add
Mufti Boy Jurist Add
Muhab Boy Dignified Add
Muhib Boy Noble, respected Add
Muizz Boy Comforter Add
Mujab Boy One whose prayers were answered Add
Mumin Boy Believer Add
Munaf Boy Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to. Add
Munib Boy Repentent Add
Munif Boy Exalted, excellent Add
Munir Boy Moon's Light, Lamp. Add
Munis Boy Pleasant companion Add
Murad Boy Wanted, desired Add
Musab Boy Old Arabic name Add
Musad Boy Unfettered camel; favored by fortune, lucky Add
Na'il Boy Acquirer, earner. Add
Nabih Boy Smart Add
Nabil Boy Noble, generous. Add
Nadim Boy Friend, companion. Add
Nadir Boy Dear, rare, precious Add
Naeem Boy Blessing, Ease. Add