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Five letter Muslim boy names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Rajab Boy Seventh month of the Muslim lunar calendar Add
Rajih Boy Having the upper hand, more acceptable Add
Rakin Boy Respectful, firm, confident Add
Ramih Boy Arcturus (brightest star in constellation Bootes) Add
Ramin Boy Who rescues the people from hungry and pain. Brings Joy into peoples life Add
Ramiz Boy Honored, respected Add
Ramzi Boy Symbolic Add
Rasil Boy Messenger Add
Rasin Boy Composed Add
Rasmi Boy Formal, official Add
Rasul Boy Messenger Add
Ratib Boy Regular, arranger Add
Razin Boy Composed, subtle Add
Rehan Boy King Add
Ridha Boy Contentment. Add
Rihab Boy Vastness Add
Risay Boy The Risk, Black Rose, Lovest One, The One Add
Riyad Boy Gardens. Add
Rowel Boy Flower. Add
Rushd Boy Maturity, wisdom, sensible conduct Add
Sa'id Boy Happy, fortunate. Add
Sa'im Boy Fasting. Add
Sa'ir Boy Walking, going on foot. Add
Sabir Boy Patient. Add
Sabri Boy Of patience, perseverence Add
Sabur Boy Patient, perservent. Add
Sadad Boy Right thing to do, lucky hand Add
Sadid Boy Relevant, correct, right Add
Sadiq Boy Sincere, truthful Add
Sadit Boy Hard working and strong. Add