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Five letter Muslim girl names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Aasia Girl Hope. Add
Abeer Girl Fragrance. Add
Abida Girl Worshipper. Add
Ablah Girl Perfectly formed. Add
Abrar Girl Devoted to God Add
Adara Girl Virgin Add
Adiba Girl Well, mannered, cultured, polite; writer Add
Adila Girl Justice. Add
Afifa Girl Neat lady. Add
Afnan Girl Tree branches or twigs Add
Afrah Girl Celebrations, festivals Add
Ahdia Girl Unique, The One. Add
Ahlam Girl Witty, imaginative; one who has pleasant dreams Add
Aidah Girl Visiting, Returning, Reward, Present. Add
Aimal Girl Hope. Add
Aimen Girl Most Congratulated. Add
Aisha Girl

Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Alaia Girl Virtuous. Add
Alika Girl Love Add
Alima Girl Wise Add
Alina Girl Beautiful Add
Almas Girl Diamond Add
Altaf Girl Kindness, politeness Add
Amala Girl Hopes, Aspirations Add
Amana Girl Faithful, to believe. Add
Amani Girl Wishes, aspirations Add
Amany Girl A Wish. Add
Amara Girl Eternal beauty, urgent news. Add
Amaya Girl Night Rain. Add
Ambar Girl Ambergris. Add