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Five letter Muslim girl names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Ilham Girl Intuition, inspiration. Add
Imani Girl Faith, Belief. Add
In'am Girl Kindness, benefaction, bestowal. Add
Inaya Girl Concern; solicitude Add
Insaf Girl Justice, equity Add
Insha Girl Creation, origination. Add
Ismat Girl Pious. Add
Ithar Girl Preference Add
Izzah Girl Might, power Add
Jadwa Girl Gift, present Add
Janan Girl Heart, Soul. Add
Jawna Girl The sun Add
Jehan Girl Beautiful Flower. Add
Jenna Girl Heaven, Paradise. Add
Jihan Girl A river in Iran Add
Jilan Girl Courtier Add
Jinan Girl Gardens, paradise Add
Jouri Girl Damask rose, red rose Add
Juman Girl Pearl Add
Junah Girl The sun Add
Juwan Girl Perfume Add
Kanza Girl Hidden Treasure Add
Karam Girl Generosity Add
Kifah Girl Struggle Add
Koila Girl Charcoal. Add
Komal Girl Beautiful. Add
Kulus Girl Clearness, purity Add
Kunza Girl Hidden treasure. Add
Laiba Girl

The beautifullest hoor of heaven

Laila Girl Of the Night. Add