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Five letter Muslim girl names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Rafal Girl to trail a garment Add
Rafia Girl High, Sublime. Add
Rafif Girl to gleam, shimmer Add
Rahaf Girl Delicate, fine Add
Rahiq Girl Nectar Add
Rahma Girl Mercy. Add
Raima Girl Happiness. Add
Ramia Girl Sender. Add
Randa Girl Tree of good scent Add
Rania Girl Queen. Add
Ranya Girl Conquerer. Add
Rasha Girl Young gazelle Add
Rawah Girl Charm, beauty, splendor Add
Rayya Girl Light. Add
Razan Girl Balanced. Add
Razia Girl Content, Satisfied. Add
Reeha Girl Air. Add
Reema Girl White antalope. Add
Reham Girl Rain drops. Add
Reyah Girl Comfort. Add
Rihab Girl Vastness, expanse Add
Riham Girl Lasting, fine rain Add
Rijja Girl Heavens beauty. Add
Rubaa Girl Hills, height Add
Ruhee Girl Soul, a flower, who touches the heart. Add
Rukan Girl Steady, confident Add
Rushd Girl Sensible conduct Add
Ruyah Girl Dream, vision Add
Sabaa Girl a nice wind Add
Sabah Girl Morning Add