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Five letter Muslim girl names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Sadad Girl Right thing to do, lucky hand Add
Sadaf Girl Shell, Oyster, Pearl. Add
Sadah Girl Happiness Add
Safaa Girl Clarity, purity, serenity; name of a hill in Makkah Add
Safia Girl Pure. Add
Safun Girl Breezing Add
Sahar Girl Dawn Add
Saida Girl Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly. Add
Saila Girl Sunshine. Add
Saima Girl Keeps fasts. Add
Saiqa Girl Lightning. Add
Saira Girl Happy. Add
Salma Girl Peaceful, safe, healthy; a wife of the Prophet Add
Salwa Girl Solace; quail Add
Samaa Girl Sky. Add
Samah Girl Generosity. Add
Samar Girl Evening conversation Add
Sameh Girl Forgiver Add
Samia Girl Exalted, noble, much praised. Add
Samra Girl Soft, light tanned color Add
Sanam Girl Beloved. Add
Sarah Girl Name of the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim Add
Sarra Girl She was a female companion. Add
Shahd Girl Honey, honeycomb Add
Shama Girl Lamp. Add
Shams Girl Sun Add
Shawq Girl Longing Add
Sheza Girl Good (religious) girl. Add
Shifa Girl Curing, healing Add
Shiya Girl Exceptional. Add