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Five letter Muslim girl names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Shiza Girl A gift or present. Add
Shu'a Girl Rays of Sun light. Add
Sidra Girl Tree. Add
Siham Girl Arrows. Add
Simah Girl Sign, characteristic, expression Add
Simra Girl Heaven, princess. Add
Sirah Girl way of life, tradition Add
Sobia Girl Good and Noble Girl. Add
Sofia Girl Wisdom Add
Sonia Girl Pretty, very beautiful. Add
Su'ad Girl Good fortune. Add
Sufia Girl A person who follows Sufism - Clean heart Add
Sumra Girl Fruit, summer fruit. Add
Sunya Girl Sunshine, brightness. Add
Tarub Girl Merry Add
Tazim Girl Respect. Add
Thana Girl Thankfulness, praise. Add
Thara Girl Wealth. Add
Thuml Girl Name of an early distinguished woman. Add
Tibah Girl Goodness, kindness Add
Tisha Girl One who is active, lively. (not verified name) Add
Ujala Girl Light of the universe. Add
Ulfah Girl Harmony, intimacy Add
Umnia Girl Gift. Add
Wagma Girl Morning breeze, dew. Add
Wahuj Girl First light of day, Dawn, New Beginning. Add
Warda Girl Guardian, Protector. Add
Wasna Girl A narrator of Hadith had this name. Add
Widad Girl Love, friendship. Add
Wifaq Girl Harmony, consent Add