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Five letter Muslim girl names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Aymen Girl Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia. Add
Azraa Girl Unpierced pearl. Add
Azzah Girl Young, female gazelle. Add
Badia Girl

Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique

Badra Girl Full moon Add
Bahar Girl Spring, Prime (of life), Bloom (of youth). Add
Bahia Girl Nice Add
Bakht Girl Lot, Fate, Portion. Add
Banan Girl Delicate, finger tips Add
Bayan Girl Clearness, eloquence Add
Beena Girl Seeing, clear sighted. Add
Bisar Girl Adolescent Add
Bisma Girl Smile Add
Budur Girl Full moons Add
Dahab Girl Gold Add
Dahma Girl She was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi; she excelled in grammer and literature and possessed knowledge of other sciences and arts. (A.N.). Add
Dalal Girl Treated or touched in a kind and loving way Add
Danah Girl The most perfectly sized, valuable and beautiful pearl Add
Daria Girl Learned, knowing. Add
Deeba Girl


Deema Girl Rainy Cloud. Add
Deena Girl Judge Add
Dhuka Girl Name of the sun Add
Dimah Girl Cloud which carries rainwater Add
Dorri Girl A sparkling star glittering like a gem Add
Dunia Girl The world. Add
Dunya Girl World Add
Durar Girl Pearls Add
Eiman Girl Faith. Add
Eliza Girl Unique, precious. Add