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Four letter Muslim girl names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Muna Girl Water. Add
Musn Girl Rain, clouds Add
Naaz Girl Pride, elegance Add
Naba Girl Great News. Add
Nada Girl Generousity, dew Add
Nain Girl Eye. Add
Neha Girl Love, rain. Add
Nida Girl Call Add
Nina Girl Gracious One. Add
Nisa Girl Women. Add
Nora Girl Light. Add
Nouf Girl Highest point on a mountain Add
Nuha Girl Intelligence Add
Numa Girl Beautiful and pleasant; happiness Add
Nura Girl The light, e.g. nurul islam, the light of islam. Add
Nyla Girl Winner, Achiever Add
Qadr Girl Fate, destiny Add
Raha Girl Peaceful Add
Rana Girl To gaze, look Add
Rand Girl Bay laurel Add
Raya Girl Sated with drink Add
Reem Girl Beautiful Gazelle. Add
Reja Girl Good News. Add
Rida Girl Favored by God Add
Rija Girl Desire, Hope. Add
Rona Girl Shining light. Add
Ruaa Girl Invisable. Add
Rubi Girl Red gem Add
Saba Girl Sheba, a town in Yemen Add
Sabr Girl Patience, self control Add