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Four letter Muslim girl names

Names Gender Meaning Favorited
Erum Girl Heaven Add
Fajr Girl Dawn, morning prayer Add
Fara Girl Sunset. Add
Fawz Girl Victory or success Add
Fida Girl Redemption Add
Fila Girl Lover Add
Fiza Girl Wind. Add
Hafa Girl Gentle rain Add
Hala Girl Sweetness Add
Hana Girl Happiness, bliss Add
Heba Girl Gift. Add
Hena Girl Someone who is polite. Add
Hiba Girl Gift. Add
Hind Girl Old Arabic name Add
Hira Girl Darkness. Add
Hoor Girl A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers. Add
Huda Girl Right guidance. Add
Huma Girl Bird who brings joy Add
Husn Girl Beauty Add
Ifra Girl Giving happiness. Add
Ijaz Girl Inimitability of the Quran Add
Iman Girl Faith, belief Add
Inan Girl A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid (Fih). Add
Inas Girl Sociability Add
Iqra Girl To recite. Add
Iraj Girl Flower. Add
Iram Girl Garden in heaven. Add
Irem Girl A Garden in Heaven Add
Isad Girl To bring happiness, to provide help Add
Isaf Girl Relief, help Add