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Muslim Girl names starting with A

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Angbin Girl Honey. Select
Anida Girl Obstinate. Select
Anika Girl Very unique. Select
Anisa Girl Friendly. Select
Anisah Girl Close, intimate, friendly. Select
Anisah, Aneesa Girl Close, intimate, good friend Select
Anjum Girl Stars Select
Anmar Girl Leopard Select
Annam Girl God's Blessing. Select
Anniyah Girl Concern, loving. Select
Anum Girl Blessing of god, gods gift. Select
Anwar, Anwaar Girl Rays of light, blossoms Select
Anwara Girl Ray of Light. Select
Aqeelah Girl Wise, Sensible. Select
Aqilah Girl Wife, spouse; the best, the pick Select
Aqsa Girl Name of a mosque. Select
Ara Girl Opinions Select
Aram Girl Signs, flags Select
Areebah Girl Witty, smart Select
Areej Girl The fragrance of a flower from an orange tree. Select
Aresha Girl Under an umbrella. Select
Arfa Girl Greatness Select
Aribah Girl Wise. Select
Arij Girl Sweet Smell. Select
Arij, Areej Girl Fragrance, sweet smell Select