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Muslim Girl names starting with F

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Fadeelah Girl Superiority. Select
Fadila Girl Good looking, attractive. Select
Fadilah Girl Distinguished, learned. Select
Fadilah, Fadheela Girl Virtuous, outstanding, superior, cultured and refined Select
Fadiyah Girl Redeemer, self sacrificing Select
Fadwa Girl Name derived from self sacrifice Select
Fadwah Girl Name derived from self-sacrifice. Select
Faeezah Girl Leader Select
Fahdah, Fahada Girl Leopardess Select
Faheemah Girl Intelligent. Select
Fahima Girl Intelligent Select
Fahimah Girl Intelligent Select
Fahmida Girl Intelligent and Wise. Select
Faiqa Girl Superior, Outstanding Select
Faiqah Girl Surpassing, excellent Select
Fairuzah Girl A precious gem Select
Faiza Girl Gain. Select
Faizah Girl

Successful, winner

Faizah, Faiza Girl Victorious, winner Select
Fajr Girl Dawn, morning prayer Select
Fakeehah Girl Cheerful. Select
Fakhirah Girl Splendid, Elegant. Select
Fakhra Girl Good, new. Select
Fakhriyah Girl Honorary Select
Fakhtah Girl A dove. Select