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Muslim Girl names starting with F

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Farihah Girl Brisk, Swift. Select
Farihah, Fareeha Girl Happy, joyful, cheerful, glad Select
Fariza Girl Light. Select
Farizah Girl Arch Select
Farkhandah Girl Happy, Lucky. Select
Farqad Girl Name of a star. Select
Faryat Girl Delightful sun-shine. Select
Farzana Girl Intelligent Select
Faseehah Girl Eloquent. Select
Faseelah Girl Some distance. Select
Fathima Girl Daughter of the Prophet (PBUH). Select
Fathiya Girl Joy, Happiness, new begining. Select
Fathiyah Girl Beginning Select
Fatihah Girl Opening. Select
Fatim Girl A woman worthy of the ut-most praise Select
Fatimah Girl A daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W). Select
Fatimah, Fatima Girl Accustom; daughter of the Prophet Select
Fatin Girl Captivating, Alluring, Enchanting Select
Fatin or Fatinah Girl Fascinating, captivating, alluring, enchanting Select
Fatinah Girl Captivating, alluring, intelligent. Select
Fauzia Girl Succesful, Victorious. Select
Fawz Girl Victory or success Select
Fawzah, Fawza Girl Success Select
Fawziyah Girl Successful. Select
Fawziyyah, Fawziya, Fazia Girl Successful, victorious Select