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Islamic Baby Names

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Girl Names Starting with Letter H

Name Gender Meaning Favorites
HaajarGirlHard as a rock.
HababahGirlA daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith.
HabibaGirlBeloved, Sweetheart, Darling
HabibahGirlBeloved, sweetheart, darling.
Habibah, HabeebaGirlBeloved, sweetheart, darling; a wife of the Prophet
HaboosGirlName of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived in Lebanon.
HadeelGirlto coo (like a dove)
HadilGirlIs the voice of a dove.
HadiyahGirlGuide to righteousness.
Hadiyah, HaadiyaGirlGuide to righteousness, calm
HafaGirlGentle rain
HafizahGirlHeedful, mindful
HafsahGirlA wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Hafsah, HafsaGirlWife of the Prophet
HafthahGirlPreserved, protected
HaifaGirlSlender, Of beautiful body
Haifa, HayfaGirlSlender, of beautiful body
HajarGirlName of the wife of the prophet Ibrahim
HajjahGirlShe was a narrator of Hadith.
HajnaGirlDaughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess.
HajrahGirlThe wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S).
HakimahGirlWise, judicious.