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Muslim Girl names starting with J

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Jabeen Girl Forehead. Select
Jabirah Girl Comforter, consoler Select
Jabrayah Girl Love, respect. Select
Jada Girl Gift, present Select
Jadwa Girl Gift, present Select
Jahaan Girl Land. Select
Jahan Aara Girl Adornment of the world. Select
Jahan Khatoon Girl She was a Persian poet. Select
Jahanara Girl To flower, to live. Select
Jahdamah Girl She was a female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W). Select
Jahida Girl Helps the vulnarable. Select
Jahmyyllah Girl Beautiful one Select
Jaiyana Girl Strength. Select
Jala, Jala Girl Clarity, elucidation Select
Jalilah Girl Splendid, lofty Select
Jameelah Girl Beautiful. Select
Jamila Girl Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely Select
Jamilah Girl Beautiful, graceful. Select
Jamilah, Jameela Girl Beautiful, graceful, lovely Select
Jammana Girl Pearl. Select
Jana Girl Harvest Select
Janan Girl Heart, Soul. Select
Janan, Janaan Girl Heart, soul Select
Jannah Girl Garden, paradise Select
Jaseena Girl Nice Heart. Select