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Muslim Girl names starting with M

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Mersiha Girl The most beautiful. Select
Meymona Girl Good Fortune. Select
Mid'haa Girl Appreciate. Select
Midhaa Girl Appreciate. Select
Midhah Girl Praise. Select
Mina Girl a place near Makkah Select
Minaal Girl To reach your destination. Select
Minal Girl Gift, achievement. Select
Minha Girl Grant Select
Minnah Girl Kindness, grace, blessing Select
Mirah Girl Provisions, supply Select
Misba Girl Innocent. Select
Misha Girl Beautiful, Pretty. Select
Mishael Girl Torch, light Select
Mishall Girl A light, beautiful, pretty. Select
Mishel Girl A Light. Select
Miskeenah Girl Humble. Select
Mohaddisa Girl Story teller. Select
Mohga Girl The light of happiness. Select
Momina Girl Faithful, Truly Believing. Select
Mona Girl Wish, desire. Select
Monera Girl Shinning light, or guiding light. Select
Mouna Girl Water. Select
Mounia Girl A wish or dream come true. Select
Mounira Girl It's shining. Select