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Muslim Girl names starting with N

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Na'eemah Girl Joyful. Select
Na'ilah Girl Acquirer, obtainer, winner. Select
Na'imah Girl Comfort, tranquillity. Select
Naa'irah Girl Bright, Shining. Select
Naaz Girl Pride, elegance Select
Naazneen Girl Beautiful. Select
Naba Girl Great News. Select
Nabeeha Girl Intelligent. Select
Nabeelah Girl Noble. Select
Nabiha Girl Eminent, noble, alert, intelligent Select
Nabihah Girl Intelligent, noble, eminent. Select
Nabihah, Nabeeha Girl Intelligent Select
Nabijah Girl Ambitious, Leader and Brave. Select
Nabila Girl Happiness, generosity. Select
Nabilah Girl Noble, magnanimous. Select
Nabilah, Nabeela Girl Noble Select
Nada Girl Generousity, dew Select
Nadia Girl dewy Select
Nadidah, Nadeeda Girl Equal, rival Select
Nadimah Girl Friend. Select
Nadirah Girl Rare, precious. Select
Nadirah, Nadira Girl Rare, precious Select
Nadiyah Girl Announcement Select
Nadra Girl Rare, unique. Select
Nadwah, Nadwa Girl Council, generosity Select