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Muslim Girl names starting with N

Names Gender Meaning My Baby Names
Norhan Girl Light. Select
Noshaba Girl Elixir, water of life. Select
Nosheen Girl Sweet Thing. Select
Nouf Girl Highest point on a mountain Select
Noureen Girl Light. Select
Nu'aymah Girl Name of a narrator of hadith. Select
Nudar, Nudhar Girl Gold Select
Nudbah Girl Lament, Scar; Mark. Select
Nudrat Girl Singularity. Select
Nuha Girl Intelligence Select
Nuhaa Girl Intelligent. Select
Nujud, Nojood Girl Noble, wise Select
Numa Girl Beautiful and pleasant; happiness Select
Nunah Girl Dimple in the chin Select
Nur al Huda Girl Light of the faith Select
Nura Girl The light, e.g. nurul islam, the light of islam. Select
Nurah Girl Light. Select
Nurah, Noorah Girl Corolla, blossom Select
Nuriyah Girl Radiant, brilliant Select
Nurjenna Girl Light of Paradise. Select
Nuryn Girl Light. Select
Nusaibah, Nusaybah Girl Old Arabic name Select
Nusaybah Girl One with good lineage. Select
Nusrah Girl Helpful. Select
Nusrat Girl Help, Victory. Select